She knew. She knew she wasn’t gorgeous. Yes, okay, she was pretty in some ways, but in most she was above average. As she stood there looking at her image, she looked at her tits. She reached up and held the still pert “babies” as he named them. Okay, she kind of like the name and called them that as she bounced them with the palms of her hands. “Hi Babies” she said, a smile nearing her lips. “Feeling frisky tonight?” She giggled as she held each in her hands. Finally the full smile appeared. “Yep, I will not mind it when he undresses me, but my question is… What should I wear, what should I put on to adorn you two?”

Her fingers felt riveting as they continued along his upper body, along his pectorals. He loved how it felt to be seduced by her even though he didn’t really realize that he was. She rubbed both arms, then back to his shoulders, but didn’t spend much more time on them. She went back and rubbed that muscular, manly chest of his.